Water Damage Restoration Fort Lauderdale FL

Water is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Not only does it create life but it is also one of the most forceful and destructive forces in nature. Water damage is not something to ignore, and it is imperative that you contact an experienced water restoration service to stop any water damage immediately. Fort Lauderdale Restoration is available with a 24/7 response and will remove the water quickly with advanced techniques and then closely watch the damage to ensure your home is properly dried out.

Storm Damage

If you live in Florida, you know how often it rains and even what time of day it will rain most often. Sometimes they are quick storms, other times the storms bring floods. Even though you know they are coming, you are still unprepared for the damage they can bring with them. No matter what type of storm, from a shower to a hurricane, you will need a quick response to the damage that they cause and we are there to help you when that happens.

We have a 24-hour availability and can provide any type of specialized cleanup of water damage and any necessary restoration assistance that may be required. You can trust us to work quickly to get your home or office back to its original condition so you can continue to live your life as normal as possible.

Water Damage and Repair

In an indoor setting, water damage can be one of the most enduring damaging forces a homeowner will have to deal with. The longer a homeowner ignores water damage, the more likely the damage will create an unsanitary environment. The longer this type of situation is left untouched, the existence of standing water, flooding or additional moisture in an environment can cause mold, odors, structural damage and the wear and tear on the personal property.

Where can does water damage originate? There can be several sources including:
• Natural Disasters
• Buildup in a Crawl Space, Attic or Basement
• Household Appliance Malfunctioned
• Leaky Pipes
• Burst Pipes
• Flooding from a Storm
• Natural disasters

No matter what your situation, we have seen it and we have experience dealing with it. It’s important to deal with a water issue as soon as possible as the longer you put it off, the more expensive fixing it will be. Water damage is a serious matter. Contact us immediately to start remediation of your water damage issue.

Commercial Water Damage Fort Lauderdale

First impressions mean a lot. Especially when you are running a business, you don’t want water damage to give your customers the wrong impression about your business. We are there to assist you with any restoration service you may need in a quick and timely manner. We will bring experienced technicians with the latest equipment and training in the industry. We can help restore any of the following buildings back to the original function as quickly as possible:
• Office Building of any Size
• Restaurants
• Hotels and Motels
• Retail Stores of any Size
• Residential Buildings
• Military and Government Buildings
• Apartment Buildings
• Industrial and Manufacturing Buildings

It’s never a good time for water damage to strike. Water damage to a commercial property can have its own issues, but we are there to help you through the process with skilled technicians that have the knowledge to control and diminish the damage to help you get your business back open.


Nobody likes to deal with it but sewage spills can happen before you know it. Sewage spills or overflows from septic tanks can overflow if you aren’t taking proper care of your tank or there is a backup of some kind. It’s a very expensive and nasty mess to have to clean up. Not to mention the health hazards dealing with a large amount of waste can cause. Our professionals have the experience you need to help clean up the affected area and remove all the contamination from your home.

What is classified as sewage?

Sewage can be classified as any waste water or waste materials that go through the sewage system. Most of the sewage is collected through toilets, bathtubs, sinks and showers. Sewage can also come from high standing water, liquid waste from commercial businesses or from water that gathers on roofs.

A separate treatment center is used to deal with sewage waste while storm water has its own treatment center. Stormwater could easily overwhelm a sewage treatment center so to avoid spills and overflows it is kept separate. It’s also better to keep sewage isolated due to its foul odor and the raw substances and chemical pollutants that can be very harmful.

Damage to sewage lines can come from various places and can be caused by pipes clogged with a growing tree root, grease or is at its capacity. These issues often only cause a clogged toilet but, if you aren’t careful, they can also cause a more serious problem that will require a professional cleaning service to remove the hazard materials, the foul odors and the cause of the blockage.

How we can help you clean up after a sewage spill

Are you experiencing a sewage spill or overflow of your septic tank? Contact us immediately if you require assistance as it is not safe for you to try and clean up hazardous material on your own. For your benefit and your family, allow us to take care of the dangerous materials and return your home to its previous condition.

Our experienced technicians have the proper gear to remove the harmful substances and protect themselves from any noxious fumes. If necessary, we have the tools to pump your septic system if it is found to be leaking or cracked. Any soil that is exposed to the sewage will also need to be replaced.

At Fort Lauderdale Restoration, our team has extensive experience in sewage cleanup, treatment, disinfection, and removal. We will take care of any waste that is found in the area and treat the sewage so that it can be stored in the environment without any further harm.

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