Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Property owners sometimes suffer serious water damage due to flooding or the water used by firefighters to put out a fire. People living in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area might also experience extensive water damage when a serious hurricane occurs. Many people who have experienced a fire in their home are not aware of the additional damage the water needed to quench the flames can do to their property. This situation is a double whammy that will require the professional services of a professional restoration company.

Fort Lauderdale Restoration is a company with the expertise needed to bring a fire and water damaged property back to its previous condition. The property owner is likely to be very discouraged when first viewing the extensive damage a fire can cause. The average property owner will not even know where to begin with the cleanup process, so they absolutely need professional help. Fort Lauderdale Restoration is able to remove all the resulting debris and clean up the smoke, fire and water damage from the remaining structure.

The restoration of a fire-damaged home involves much more than simply replacing charred or burned elements. Removing the damaged carpet is obviously necessary, but the sub-floor may also be too compromised to save. All wall coverings should also be removed to allow a complete evaluation of the supporting structure. In some cases a fire damaged home will need to be stripped all the way down to the studs and rebuilt from there.

In addition to the damaged structure and surfaces of the home, the HVAC system should also be carefully evaluated. The air quality of the restored home could be seriously compromised if any harmful char and dust particles remain in the system. The health of anyone living in a restored home with a dirty HVAC system could be at risk for respiratory diseases.

What many people do not realize is that simply cleaning all the obviously charred or burned surfaces and items from the home are not enough. Smoke damage can be difficult to detect until someone is living in the home once again. Eliminating the odor of smoke from the home will involve replacing or washing all the clothing, draperies, and bedding since fabric retains the odor more than other surfaces.

Smoke can take more than one form including wet smoke, dry smoke, and protein smoke. These different types of smoke require different approaches to cleanup. The most effective restoration service will ensure all types of smoke damage are removed properly, so the home is restored completely to become a livable space.

The work to clean up fire and water damage must begin soon after the incident occurs. Removing all water soaked flooring and drywall is necessary in order to prevent the formation of mold since the spores grow quickly and spread to any adjacent surfaces that can support the growth. This includes fabric, wood, drywall and any paper products such as cardboard storage containers.

Homeowners rely on their property insurance to cover the costs of restoration after a fire damages their home. Fires can occur in spite of all the precautions people take to prevent an occurrence. Sometimes a natural disaster such as a severe storm can cause a fire as well as a threat of flooding. When the nightmare of fire does occur, people want to know they can rely on a competent disaster restoration team to make their home livable if at all possible. The loss of a home is a severe emotional trauma, but turning the restoration over to the professionals will help to reduce some of the stress.