Key Tips To Prevent Basement Flooding

Posted on: January 18, 2017 by in Flood Damage
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One of the worst sights for a property owner is to walk into their basement and see water all over the place. It is a frightening reality many homeowners have to deal with, and it can create massive issues. This is why doing preventative work is critical for those who want to stay safe in the long-term.

What should a property owner be doing?

Here are some of the most important tips to look at when it pertains to basement flooding and what it requires in the long-term.

1) Seal Cracks

You should be looking to seal cracks before they widen. This is a reality some property owners might not pay attention to. The foundation can easily crack in the basement, and that is where the most pressure is applied during the inclement weather outside.

To ensure water is not able to come through those cracks, keep an eye on any damage that takes place.

Inspectors can be hired to set up scheduled inspections for these issues. You will be able to spot them before they arrive and make the needed changes. It is the best way to go.

2) Assess Pipes

The next tip is to start looking at the pipes in your basement. Are there issues with them? Is there a lot of noise being made? This can be a sign of trouble especially in places where the temperature can rapidly drop. You don’t want the water to ice up.

Make sure you are assessing the pipes and getting to them before they burst.

If the pipes burst, you are in a lot of trouble because it is going to flood the basement in a matter of seconds. You won’t have time to react to such a scenario, and a lot of damage can be done.

3) Clean Rain Gutters

This can be an issue as water seeps into the basement from your rain gutters. Property owners can become lazy in this regard, and that’s when water backs up in the gutters. Don’t let it get to this point and make sure you are paying attention to those rain gutters.

If you notice they are clogging up, you have to fix the issue immediately.

If not, it will only get worse if the rain pours and you are going to have basement flooding to deal with, and that is far more costly. This is why keeping an eye on this and pushing some of the water away is key.

These are all quality tips for property owners who realize basement flooding is not something they want to deal with. As long as you are attentive and focusing on what is needed, your property is going to be okay in the long-term. Most property owners will know these are the core changes they have to make.

Those who are not as careful will end up in a situation where the basement could easily get flooded.

Is that what you want? Most don’t but taking action is the only way to go.